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Today, quality products do not guarantee high sales. Consumers give attention to the brand, its image and philosophy. That is why it is important to take care of your reputation and build mutually beneficial relationships with the client as soon as possible.

Branding is the formation of images and associations that will be associated with a potential consumer with a product or service. The main objective of branding is to increase the value of a product or service for customers.

A strong brand helps to communicate the advantages of the company, adhere to a common communication strategy, stand out among competitors and create a clear associative series among potential customers.

Both new companies and companies whose development has been fast enough and they need to form a single concept that will remain in the memory of potential customers and will fit into the promotion strategy, resort to branding. Creating a brand provides an opportunity for improved interaction with the audience and adds a certain value to products and services.

Potential customers have become more discriminating in the content that they consume, so we can assume that how successful your product will be in the market depends on the quality of branding.

Among the main types of branding, four are distinguished:

– Product branding is directly aimed at the end consumer and his interaction with everyday goods

–  Corporate branding meets the challenges of communicating with all the people interacting directly with the company. It depends on him the position of the company in the market.

 – Territorial branding is engaged in creating an image of a geographical area, it even affects sectors such as tourism and urban improvement.

 – Personal branding is building a reputation and creating the image of an individual. A personal brand represents a person as a generator of ideas.

It is important to remember the need to maintain the relevance of branding and its participation in the company’s promotion strategy. For this, rebranding is necessary, namely, a change in the existing concept in accordance with modern trends.

There are several key components of a viable and modern brand, among them:

– Large-scale goal. Do not be afraid to set ambitious goals, they will help to adhere to certain brand values.

 – A well-thought-out branding strategy, combining product features, communications, a common value system and market positioning.

 – Willingness to change. Change in accordance with the trends of the modern world, otherwise it is likely to remain in history.

 – Communication. The ability to convey the values ​​and image of the brand is a special task facing the company. The popularity of the company, customer loyalty and profit depend on it.

 – The presence of loyal customers. They are the criterion for the success of the company. These people can become lawyers for your brand, so you should pay special attention to people who choose your brand and communicate with them.

 – Attentiveness to competitors. Studying your competitors’ strategies can be a profitable step for you in the process of developing your own development strategy.

So, to create a competitive and strong brand, it will take a lot of effort, however, they have the future, unlike products and services that do not have a clear idea of ​​branding.


Why do you need a website? I will tell you why it is profitable, convenient to have your own website.

Firstly, if you have your own business, then having a website is simply a prerequisite. We are all used to the fact that before contacting any company, any person contacts the Internet, and if information about your business is not on the Web, then the chances of becoming a successful businessman are drastically reduced. No matter what wonderful goods or services you sell, using the additional PR on the Internet in the form of your business card site now can not do. Place on the site all the contact information about your company, your coordinates, prices, that is, everything that is interesting to your target audience.

Secondly, purchases on the Internet are gaining more and more popularity, and if you already have an online store, the buyer can pay for the purchase in any convenient way that you specify on the site. Electronic wallets, payment by bank cards, via SMS, street terminals – now there are so many payment options that everyone will find something suitable for themselves. It’s easy to “fasten” the payment buttons, but how many possibilities will open before you! Most often, having an online store is cheaper than a physical point of sale, since there are no extra charges for a product for renting premises, paying staff, etc.

Thirdly, the site also has a certain convenience for your partners, because filling out an application in electronic form without too many papers, in a shorter time, is this not a convenience? And by offering this service, you will stand out among the competitors in your segment. It will also allow you to expand the number of partners due to, again, the convenience of familiarizing yourself with the activities and assortment, and will allow you to position yourself as a modern, progressive company compared to other competitors who do not have a website.

The main advantages of creating a site:

–  Online office 24 hours a day. Being constantly online you can attract even more users to your site. Thus, the site will be useful for both you and your customers, because you can visit its pages at any time, seven days a week, all year round.

–  A site is the face of your business. You can provide all the necessary information to your customers, leave your contact information for quick communication, place a map on which you can show the location of your offline office, indicate hours of operation, tariffs for your services and much more.

–  A site is a place where you can communicate with your customers and visitors. Here you can place detailed information about your products, leave all the data for customers and suppliers with whom you work. If you are the owner of an online store of household appliances, then on your site you can tell in detail about your products, compare them with other models and brands, show the potential buyer all the benefits of his choice and purchase.

–  A website can be a great advertising tool for your business. 25-30% of your customers will find out about you through the information posted on your site. Do not forget that with an increase in the number of visitors to your site this figure will increase.

–  If the site is modern, it uses the latest technology, the latest trends are introduced, it can independently attract potential customers.

Thanks to the site you can the most popular questions of your customers on a separate page. In any business, customers have identical questions. Do not waste your time answering the site.So, from the foregoing, we conclude that creating a website for a company, whether it is a simple business card site, catalog site or online store, is not just a convenient tool for positioning your brand, but also a modern method for making a profit. For the site to work for you, you need both investments and the time it takes to devote to it, but these are trifles compared to the opportunities that open before you. So, if you have your own business, a hobby for your whole life or just the need for additional income, creating a site is the best way to realize all your desires for promoting and increasing income on the Internet.


When starting a business, creating brand symbols and logos, the owners invest in the Brand with the desire that after a certain period of time the investment will pay off and the Brand will work organically attracting customers and increasing sales! As in any business, there are rules and technology, with the observance of which, the probability of achieving the goal and success is much higher! A successful Brand is a Brand that your customers love, and the company gets additional income, loyalty and development from this love. Of course, this love must be mutual and lasting, this is how the added value of the owner and the loyalty of the client is formed! Brand is not something that you and your team like, Brand is a set of solutions, why your product is bought!

How to create a Brand that your customers will love?!

1.Analyzing trends and competitors (What’s in the world, why you like it, why it sells, how it looks).

2. Target audience analysis (What the audience needs and needs, what attracts their attention, what the client thinks)

3. Development of brand value (How the brand will enter into the life of the client, how he will get closer to the client, how the brand exchanges energy)

4. Development of graphic elements (what people call a logo and corporate identity).

5. Slogan or Brand positioning (It is important that the slogan reveals the essence of the brand)

6. Brand communication, Brand legend (How to fall in love with clients, how to influence emotional and pragmatic sales)

7. Brand image or key visual (Advertising message for target audience)

The main task of the brand is to direct the target audience to make a choice in favor of a specific product/service in a competitive market environment.

Stories of successful Brands that have made their owners not only rich but also happy. Harley Davidson, Volvo, Starbucks, Nike all these stories about how the brand generates increased demand and added value, giving the audience more than just a quality product! Today, a customer choosing a Brand does not just buy a product – he acquires a legend, realizes his dreams, becomes stronger, smarter, more beautiful and healthier. All this should be put into the long-term strategy of your Brand! Form trends, where your brand affects the development of personal, social problems, culture, education, then you will be on the list of loyal favorites. Indicators that are closely related to recognition is loyalty. For digitization in this case can be used loyalty index NPS (Net Promoter Score), calculated as follows:

NPS = Share of brand promoters (%) – Share of brand critics (%) The higher the NPS index, the greater the loyalty level. A good NPS value is 60% or higher. For example, 70% promoters, 25% neutral consumers and critics give NPS 65%.

People choose what is simpler, and in recent years, the trend of minimalism in design is growing. This is one of the motives rebranding decisions by many companies


To evaluate the importance and value of marketing strategy for any company, you need to ask yourself a question: what tasks it solves?!

— Stability and development.
— Growth of loyalty and trust.
— Entry into new markets.
— Growth of sales.
— Increase in profit.

The modern world dictates its own trends and conditions, but marketing strategy remains the art that companies need to win the fight for profit and market share. Therefore, do not underestimate the importance of a brand or company promotion strategy.

Success and achievement of goals increasingly depend not on production capacity, number of points of sale and product cost, but on an effectively developed strategy and its implementation!
The market is changing, maneuvering together with trends, tastes and needs of the customer, and over the last 5-10 years the methods and factors of decision making by the customer have changed a lot.

If before it was enough just to produce goods on time and with high quality, now it is not enough, there are many new factors that influence the choice in favor of or against your brand!
Every year, the market is filled with thousands of new products and products, competing for the buyer, so companies that are planning to develop need to move to system marketing.
But it is worth admitting that many business executives and owners are still lobbying for their vision of the company’s strategy based on personal beliefs rather than on analysis. There are many examples when a quality product cannot compete with an imported product because it does not meet market requirements and the needs of its target audience, leading to sales stagnation, minimal profit or even bankruptcy.
If a company does not have a marketing strategy and marketing plan, it moves intuitively, losing time, energy and budgets that can be effectively directed to brand development, placement on shelves and in the minds of customers.
Usually the marketing strategy is developed for 2-5 years, but in our market more often for a year.

The final result of the marketing strategy:

— what we will do;
— how it will be done;
— when it will be done;
— through which channels;
— how;
— which budget is needed;
— what results will be achieved.

How to effectively develop a marketing strategy?

— Define goals and objectives.
— Choose measurable indicators and KPI. For example: markets of presence; number of retail chains, number of clients, sales plan.
— Perform brand and competitor analysis.
— Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your product, its benefits.
— Identify the target audience.
— Make a portrait of the client. What does your client look like? What is your hobby? Where does he spend his time? Why and how does he buy? To determine how to influence him.
— To analyze your competitors’ marketing activity.
— Identify the channels through which competitors attract clients. How much a client costs in your segment. To analyze the economic performance of the company.
— Analyze seasonality, product, average check, sales.
— Make a SWOT-analysis of all indicators.

Identify areas and points of growth of the business or brand. Create brand benefits.
Develop a strategy for positioning, brand communication and key vision. How the brand will fall in love with its customers!
Develop a marketing plan. This document contains all activities planned by the company, promotion channels, budget, calculation of indicators and sales forecast.
Development of marketing strategy is an important stage in the company. The company acquires the goal, objectives, steps and stages of achieving the result. Measurable and achievable goal motivates the manager and the team to achieve the result in the reporting period.

We wish success to you and your business!

Article from “Business Class” magazine (December, 2019).