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Web Developement
Video & Foto Production

Our new case

– development of branding for the travel company Visit Gagauzia.

Для того чтобы показать, насколько увлекательным может быть путешествие в Гагаузию мы сняли красочный видеоролик.

Видеоролик нацелен на повышение интереса к туризму в Гагаузию.


VISIT GAGAUZIA – is a travel company that offers a journey through a beautiful land that is rich in traditions, beautiful landscape, great people, vineyards and of course the most famous wine.

We took into account all the charm of the expanses of Gagauzia and created a logo that reflects all the finest that can be found in its expanses.


To make it easier to travel, we have developed the VISIT GAGAUZIA website, where you can find all the necessary information.

The site will increase the recognizability and tell about the picturesque places of Gagauzia, which must be visited.

The interest in a service depends on its positioning. In order to interest the user and make him stay on the site, we have divided tourism services by directions.

Organizing destinations will allow anyone to organize the perfect trip.

In order to show how exciting a trip to Gagauzia can be, we shot a video.

The video is aimed at increasing interest in tourism in Gagauzia.