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Eternity Dermal – is a company that specializes in aesthetic medicine. It designs, manufactures and markets cosmetic and medical devices that are safe and tested in accordance with international standards.

We have developed naming, branding, website and video in order to bring the brand to the market and make it recognizable.


The selected naming “Pressensa” reflects the main idea of the brand.
The word “Pressensa” comes from the Latin word “Presentia”, which means “the quality of the future.”

Naming shows that the quality of the future is associated with taking care of yourself, and high-quality Pressensa products will help you look well-groomed and beautiful.


Website development

PRESSENSA products require a detailed description and explanation in order for the product to be understood by the target audience.

We have created a website where you can find all the details about the company and its products, as well as information about events.

Development of the video

In order to tell in more detail about the company, its services and products, we have developed a video.

Digital promotion

Social media is an integral part of successful businesses in the 21st century. We have developed a digital social media strategy for Pressensa.