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Web development and digital support

Creating a company site is now as necessary component of branding, as the development of corporate identity. But only the existence of the site is not enough to start getting customers with it.

Web promotion is one of the most effective ways to attract customers to your site. A team of our specialists will develop a selling website for you and, with the help of Internet marketing, will not only bring visitors to the resource, but also increase conversion and profit.

Development of landing page

We create landings as an element of customer acquisition system. Do you want to get a result from the investment as soon as possible? Then the one-page site from our team is perfect for you. Our main advantage is the synthesis of branding and the latest web technologies.


Development of online store

Web-development of an online store is the creation of a convenient mechanism for selling goods and services online. On the pages of the online catalog, you can submit to the buyer a wide range of products, provide to the client detailed characteristics of products and customer reviews. Our team will provide you the convenience of the design and structure of the site, which in turn will ensure the growth of the customer base and increase sales.


Development of a corporate website from scratch

Due to the fact that the most consumers are directed to Internet, having its own representation in the network becomes an important item in the list of “must have” for business representatives. Once you have visited this page, you will probably think about expanding your business online. And this is the right decision!


Mobile application development

Development and creation of mobile applications for Android and iOS is useful for both startups and already existing, successfully functioning projects in which applications can breathe new life. Statistics says that sales on the mobile Internet exist. Application development will be an undeniable competitive advantage for your business.


Development of digital strategy

Only a competent strategy can make possible to achieve efficiency and accomplish the goals in the digital advertising campaign. It often becomes the foundation of the entire marketing campaign, because the Internet is not just one more media channel, but a special branch, living under its own rules and laws. We are ready to create for you and your brand a strategy for success!


SEO optimization

SEO optimization allows you to increase your website traffic. As shown by experience, the users almost pay no attention to sites that do not get on the first page of the SERPs (search engine result page). It is therefore necessary to stay constantly at the TOP, in order to catch the attention of target audience. Our company offers services for SEO optimization of websites with the aim of improving the position in search engine results.


Google Ads and Remarketing

We will post your ads in the most popular search engine in the world, the display network, and Google mobile applications. Users ALREADY interested in what you’re selling will come to your site. We will configure geotargeting on the Google Ads platform, choose the perfect time and place to display advertisements. Moreover, we will see everyone who has visited your site and will not let them go! Remarketing is an Internet marketing tool showing advertisements and banners to the audience, which had already visited your site. We remind of you to potential customers at each stage of goods or services sale until the purchase is completed.


SMM promotion

Social Media Marketing is the most promising method of promotion. Social networks permit getting in close contact with your potential buyer. As a result, you will not only expand your audience and improve the reputation of your company, but also increase the brand visibility and brand loyalty. We guarantee the maximum hit on your target audience, and therefore the maximum result of promotion!


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