Project Vadul lui Voda – Development of a tourist logo and the opening of the beach season

We faced the following tasks:


  • Develop the Vadul-lui-Voda tourist logo to create a positive image of the resort
  • Improve the image of the resort Vadul-lui-Voda
  • Attract more tourists
  • Create promotion for the city.

Our solution:


The development of a tourist logo is the first step in our cooperation with the administration of the city of Vadul-lui-Voda. Vadul lui Voda is, first of all, the most famous national resort. The workflow for creating the tourist logo of the city of Vadul-lui-Voda began with the idea of ​​creating the most friendly and recognizable formula for conveying the mood of the city itself. The logo has been used 3 colors that cause stable associations:


Orange is like sand on the beach, like tan on the skin, like the sun in the sky;


Blue is like cool river water, like clear sky;


Green is like endless hills and tall trees.


Initially, we wanted to use the abbreviation of the name of the city VLV (VLV). We outlined each letter with a heart-shaped outline, because in fact the letter “V” is the same letter “L” – only slightly unfolded.

Promotion. A landing page with a short and memorable name was developed to promote the tourist area. Corporate pages were created and promoted in the following social networks:

Facebook and Instagram.

For all who enter this region, has been installed an advertising stela.

The opening of the new summer season At the end of the branding process, we started promoting the resort city. Vadul-lui-Voda is one of the most famous resort areas of Moldova, but it also needs promotion and tourist attraction. As part of our cooperation, we developed a PR company and conducted the opening of the beach season in Vadul-lui-Voda.

The event program included: cycling, parachuting, beach soccer and volleyball championship, concert program and family competitions. The opening of the beach season in Vadul-lui-Voda took place on 11 June.

The opening of the beach season continued with a concert with pop stars: Rafael Bobeiko, Emily Istrati, Anastasia Barbu, Nikolai Stasov, Samir Loghin, Ekaterina Cojocaru and the project “Game Lover” performed on the stage.

Promotional materials


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