Task: Present a new concept of customer service and hold an inauguration of the zone 24/7.


  • Concept development PR event for the inauguration of the zone 24/7. In preparation for the event, 2 concepts were developed to familiarize customers with new opportunities of the bank.
  • The event was held on November 26 in one of the branches the inauguration of the 24/7 self-service zone was held, which was attended by customers and partners of the bank, media representatives. The official part of the event began with a speech by the chairman of the supervisory board of ProCredit Bank from Germany and the cutting of the red ribbon in the self-service area took place. The event was both solemn and educational.

  • Video production. For the full presentation of information, an image video was shot, which presented a new approach of the bank to customer service. For the purpose of training, a series of videos was shot on the use of new services: for individuals, 6 videos, for legal entities – 8 videos.

  • Development of a business presentation. For legal entities, a presentation on a new service concept was developed.

  • Website development. A new website was developed for a new customer service concept. The purpose of the site is to inform customers about new bank services and get acquainted with their advantages.

  • Promotional materials. For individuals and legal entities, design and content was developed for promotional materials.

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