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Plastic cards

Our company is a direct manufacturer of plastic cards. We have a serious production base; we are able to provide not only high quality and accurate terms, but also the best prices for the production of plastic cards.

We offer plastic cards of any type, we provide all services – from design layout development to production, we carry out all types of card personalization and coding.

Cards with tipping and embossing

Embossing of plastic cards - extrusion on a plastic card of its expiration date, number, name of the cardholder or other personal data. If desired, colored foil (most often, gold or silver) can be applied to the embossed elements - tipping. Cards with embossing are distinguished by their uniqueness, special style; and those who get your card will definitely remember them.

from 6,90 lei/pc
from 14 lei/pc

Cards with an Em Marine or Mi Fare chip

Modern chip-cards represent a unique product that combines the traditions and standards of business with high technologies. They look like ordinary plastic cards, but with an integrated memory and microprocessor. Cards are used as credit and payment instruments, passes, bonus and discounts cards, etc.


Cards with barcode and numbering

A plastic card with a bar code serves as a unique customer identifier in the discount system. The bar- code provides automatic identification of a plastic card. It may be a discount card, gift certificate, mini-card, bonus card or another card option. Numbering also serves as a unique identifier for the cardholder.

from 5,90 lei/pc
from 6,90 lei/pc

Magnetic stripe cards

Magnetic stripe cards are a convenient and reliable solution for personalization of plastic cards and data reading automatization. Discount, bonus, gift, bank and credit cards, as well as key cards, badges and other plastic cards are provided with magnetic stripes. The advantages of such cards: ease of information processing, availability and reliability.


Cards with hologram

Hologram application on a plastic card is an effective and reliable method of protection against forgery. The hologram can have a unique design, giving the card an exclusive look.

from 8,90 lei/pc
from 6,90 lei/pc

Structural Coated Cards

PLASTIC CARD DESIGN IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! Firstly, because with its help a person identifies exactly your company. Secondly, the brightness and appearance of the card creates an impression and attitude towards the company. Thirdly, standing out in the wallet, the card will always remind of you and your company. Therefore, you can count on Papa Print designers who will offer the most advantageous presentation options for your business.


3-Tag Cards

A 3-tag card is a 3-piece card connected with fold lines for dividing into MINI cards or key-fob cards. At the present time, the manufacture of 3-tag cards is popular and cost-effective key charms are in great demand. Order a 3-tag card for your business, and instead of a single card, the clients immediately will get THREE!


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