One of the major projects we have implemented for Metro is the advertising support of the food safety management system.

We have also developed a quality brand design that shows that Metro products comply with the ISO 22000 system. You can see this brand on all internal hypermarket advertisements.

To strengthen Metro’s position in the commercial market, we have created several advertising campaigns:

1.Advertising campaign to end users
2.Advertising campaign for business representatives in the HoReCa segment (hotels, restaurants, cafes).

In all areas, we held a photo shoot, filmed a video and launched souvenir products. We also developed a design for outdoor advertising, launched the promotion on the Internet and in the media and completed the design of the store.

Development logo design under the certificate ISO

Video clip ISO

Photoshooting – ISO

Mass-media – ISO

Billboard – ISO

Campaign: “Buy more – pay less.”



Printed products


Outdoor advertising