Metro Cash & Carry Moldova has been our partner for many years. One of the large-scale projects that we have implemented for Metro is advertising support for the introduction of a food safety management system. We have developed a design of the quality mark, which shows that Metro products comply with the ISO 22000 system. You can see this mark on all the internal advertising of the hypermarket.


After analyzing the target audience of the Metro hypermarket chain, we came to the conclusion that we need 2 advertising campaigns, each of which will be directed to its consumer:

  • Advertising campaign for end consumers
  • Advertising campaign for business representatives in the HoReCa segment (hotels, restaurants, cafes).

To inform the consumer, we held a photo session and filmed a video that tells in detail about this quality standard and how it affects consumers.



Informing customers was carried out through outdoor advertising, on the Internet and media.

For B2B clients, we decided to use the recall of an authoritative person in the HoReCa segment – Yana Maslikov – the first representative of Moldova at the international competition of chefs.

Articles for legal entities were posted in the Business Class magazine and a number of other publications.

Souvenir products were also released, in particular calendars.

It was just one campaign. In addition to it, we developed for Metro Cash & Carry Moldova:

Catalog Design


Discount cards


Billboard design

Shop design

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