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Media placement

We offer a full range of services for the manufacture of large-format printed products, providing you with a full cycle of development and implementation of an advertising campaign on any format images, both for interior use and for outdoor advertising.


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Placement on billboards

Advertising on 3x6 boards (billboards) is the most common format that will certainly call the desired response to your products. 3x6 billboards can be static and dynamic (three-face billboard). The high popularity of billboards is explained by a very large audience coverage, due to the size and visibility. Advertising on billboards can be a great addition or the main type of advertising in running of large-scale advertising campaigns, covering all segments of population.

дизайн брендинг маркетинг
from 200
дизайн брендинг маркетинг
from 190

Distribution on LED screens

Effective advertising on LED screens of the new generation, which combines all the best from advertising media: video from television, text content from printing, one-time content control from the Internet, advantageous location from outdoor advertising. We have combined the state-of-the-art indicators of clarity and brightness, transferred to a perfect digital network allowing you to demonstrate the superior quality of your advertising.


Placement on citylights

Citylight is an advertising medium located on the ground, in passable parts of the city. Illumination of acrylic panels provides an excellent opportunity to observe the advertising plot equally clear and smooth, both in the daytime and at night. Advertisement on citylights is the best opportunity to stand out.

дизайн брендинг маркетинг
from 90
дизайн брендинг маркетинг
from 300

Placement in BIG format

Placement of advertisements on brand-walls (advertising boards) is the placement of extra-large canvas on the blank walls of urban constructions, buildings, construction sites, fences, etc. The size of the advertising board is limited by the size of the plane on which it is located, that often allows you to reach an area of hundreds or even thousands of square meters. Such an advertisement, for obvious reasons, cannot stay unnoticed, and the effect of such an advertising campaign may exceed all expectations.


Placement at public transport stops

Advertisement at public transport stops represents an effective way to inform people about the campaigns, goods or services. Everybody, who is expecting the transport or passing by, can see and remember the given advertisement. It happens due to effective placement at eye-level. Such advertisement and media is always in the public eye, therefore – attracts clients.

дизайн брендинг маркетинг
from 320 €/месяц

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