The company “Cleber” is a network of specialized stores of household chemicals and household goods. The total number of stores is 14 (4 stores in Chisinau; 10 – in the regions). The client turned to us for the complex promotion and opening of new stores in Chisinau.

Our solutions:

  • Rebrand the company and create a new positioning.
  • Organize a successful open store.

As part of the rebranding, a brand book was developed, which presents all the components of a brand: concept, brand attributes, positioning, and visual solutions. In accordance with the brand book, the attributes of business printing were developed: business cards, letterheads, folders, badges, envelopes, and so on.

We organized the opening of a new store in the city center: we decorated the facade with light elements in accordance with the brand book.

To draw attention to the company’s products, we have developed navigation for retail space. In addition to the main function, navigation in the store plays an advertising role, works on the image and strengthens the brand.

We also developed the concept of the promotion, which was held on the opening day of the store. With the help of the action, we caught the attention of passersby, persuaded them to go to the store and make a purchase. All this thanks to the leaflets, which were distributed by promoters and competent design of the outlet.

Discount cards


Pillar for outdoor advertising


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