Our tasks: rebranding, to bring a new brand to the market, to emphasize the status of a company, to increase the loyalty of the target audience, to increase sales. Our solution: The development of the company required a change of visual representation, so our cooperation began with a rebranding. In the design, we moved away […]

Bas Regal

Task: Carry out a rebranding and propose solutions for increasing awareness, differentiation from competitors and sales growth. Solutions: To do this, we divided the work into 3 stages: Rebranding and positioning The first component of each brand is undoubtedly a logo. The Bas Regal company logo was developed based on an analysis of the company’s […]

Dulce plai

Task: to develop a new brand of chocolate bar Bucuria   Develop naming and design  Desing billboards 

Arena Fitness

Перед нами стояла задача создать логотип, который будет состоять из символа и фразы ARENA FITNESS. Основной акцент должен быть на слове ARENA. Символ же, в свою очередь, должен раскрывать четыре стихии (Вода, Земля, Огонь и Воздух). В основе создания логотипа лежит глубокая философия — борьба стихий, борьба со слабостями, борьба с самим собой.  


The company “Cleber” is a network of specialized stores of household chemicals and household goods. The total number of stores is 14 (4 stores in Chisinau; 10 – in the regions). The client turned to us for the complex promotion and opening of new stores in Chisinau. Our solutions: Rebrand the company and create a […]

Doctor Lica

Task: to create a logo, business printing, POS-materials, banners and facade signs. The salon is a supplier of the Pressensa cosmetic brand and needed its introduction on the Moldovan market. We have developed a digital promotion strategy, created a full-fledged website, designed and promoted pages on social networks. Also we created product catalogs, posters and […]


Task: to develop a new brand of Polish coffee. We started with the analysis of the names and logos of competitors, as a result, several variants of naming were proposed. The second stage was the development of a unique logo. The golden color of the new logo is associated with luxury, brightness, tradition. The next […]


Metro Cash & Carry Moldova has been our partner for many years. One of the large-scale projects that we have implemented for Metro is advertising support for the introduction of a food safety management system. We have developed a design of the quality mark, which shows that Metro products comply with the ISO 22000 system. […]


Task: Present a new concept of customer service and hold an inauguration of the zone 24/7. Decision: Concept development PR event for the inauguration of the zone 24/7. In preparation for the event, 2 concepts were developed to familiarize customers with new opportunities of the bank. The event was held on November 26 in one […]


Project Vadul lui Voda – Development of a tourist logo and the opening of the beach season We faced the following tasks:   Develop the Vadul-lui-Voda tourist logo to create a positive image of the resort Improve the image of the resort Vadul-lui-Voda Attract more tourists Create promotion for the city. Our solution:   The […]

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