Bas Regal

Bas Regal

Task: Carry out a rebranding and propose solutions for increasing awareness, differentiation from competitors and sales growth.

Solutions: To do this, we divided the work into 3 stages:

  • Rebranding and positioning

The first component of each brand is undoubtedly a logo. The Bas Regal company logo was developed based on an analysis of the company’s activities, traditions, national characteristics and positioning tasks. Further work was carried out to develop the structure and positioning of the company, presented in the brand book.

  • Promotional tools

We have developed a corporate website. For the most efficient filling and use of the site, we conducted a photo session of all products and developed 2 videos – image and about the company. Also, in the new concept, a number of promotional materials were developed – posters, flyers, corporate identity, a catalog about the company and a catalog of the company’s products, which are tools for the work of employees and sales managers.

  • Tools for sales growth

An important part of our project was to help the client increase sales. To do this, a corporate sales book was developed, which includes the company’s organizational chart, job descriptions of all employees, a development strategy, a work plan and a reporting form and tools to be used to achieve the goals. In addition to image and promotion tools, the company needed a specific development plan and sales tools.



Brand book


Photo session

Promotional materials

Form style

Vehicle branding

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