Our tasks: rebranding, to bring a new brand to the market, to emphasize the status of a company, to increase the loyalty of the target audience, to increase sales. Our solution: The development of the company required a change of visual representation, so our cooperation began with a rebranding. In the design, we moved away from the oriental theme originally used and refined the main element. So, in the new logo we show a number of tents that symbolize the whole production. We added only black color to the visual range of the brand, in order to emphasize the style and showiness of the clothing itself. Black – in the fashion industry is timeless classics. The fundamental idea of the brand is to show the style, taste and status of the owner of the thing.


Brand book


In a new style was developed for the company’s website and the GT Collection brand website.


For the fashion house Artizana, we had 2 photo shoots that represented new collections and decorated billboards.

Design and placement of billboards.

Outdoor advertising and opening of sales points. As part of our cooperation, a new store was opened – Artizana Outlet.

Promotional and souvenirs items.  For the company Artizana we also developed a calendar, flyers, bags and souvenirs.

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