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Outdoor advertising

In the face of aggressive competition, companies tend to take a more stable position in the market. The outdoor (street) advertising is ideally suited for these purposes, with its distinctive feature of inevitability of visual contact with the advertising message. It provides a high level of audience coverage, the number and personal composition of which changes almost every minute.


For these purposes the ideal external (outdoor) advertising, a distinctive feature of which is the inevitability of Visual contact with the advertising message. It provides a high level of audience size and personality which changes almost every minute.

Production of light boxes (lightboxes)

Light boxes (light boxes) represent an economical and effective solution for your business. They are used not only as outdoor advertising medium helping to highlight your message in a huge flow of information, but also as design elements of facing for the buildings, business centers, banks, shops and other objects. They are clearly visible in the dark, so they are often set as signs, indicators, light menu. A metal or aluminum frame gives the stability to the structure.

from 150
from 1,2 €/1 см

Production of illuminated letters

From the variety of advertising signboards the most demanded for today are three-dimensional(3D) illuminated letters. Such constructions are used everywhere: on information desk, on a building face, or in a bar. Three-dimensional letters transmit the information to the consumer directly, simply and shortly.


Production of pseudo 3D non-illuminated letters

This is an effective, spectacular, popular form of outdoor advertising. The original font of volumetric letters, beautiful colors, unusual shape and rather large sizes will surely attract the attention of your future client and emphasize the unique corporate style.

from 200
from 1,5 €/1 см

Production of letters with backlit illumination

Pseudo-volumetric letters can be made with backlighting illumination. This option in interior will serve as an excellent solution for decorative lighting. The external illumination of false-volume letters will be appropriate for outdoor frames. This type of lighting is the most cost-effective variant.


Vehicle branding

Advertising on a vehicle is a great economical way of placing such ads. Advertising on vehicles attracts attention of drivers and their passengers, and even passers-by. Due to the proximity and availability, this type of advertising calls positive attitude of potential customers. This type of advertising placement, unlike the other types, has practically no chance of being unprofitable.

from 25 €/1 m2
from 500

Production of advertising towers

The advantages of such advertising structures are that, unlike conventional billboards, the towers are not limited to any rigid framework regarding their appearance. This fact opens up the possibility for design and creative solutions at their projecting. Besides the fact that the towers are very effective type of advertising, they also have a high status.


Printing on «Oracal»

Oracal printing is a fast and efficient way for the information to be conveyed to the end user without spending too much money and effort.

from 85 lei
from 90 lei/м

Printing on “One way vision”

OWV (one way vision) film or perforated film is a traditional film for creating advertisements on transport, on shop windows, on office windows. The perforated self-bonding One Way Vision film is quickly and simply glued to the glass base. With this advantage you can easily remove it, if needed. The perforated film does not leave any marks on the glass.


Printing on flags

We use the most modern technology of printing on fabric - thermochemical sublimation printing. This technology is based on special dyes, which are sublimated by temperature and pressure, penetrating deep into the structure of the dyed fabric.

from 100 lei
from 65 lei/м

Printing banners

Banners are a very popular element of outdoor advertising since this type of advertising very effectively influences the consumer audience. The printing of banners is carried out on high-tech equipment using high-quality ink and banner material. Banner printing is one of the most common types of advertising due to fact that this type of information source can be placed both indoors and outdoors, due to its durability and wear resistance.


Mesh-grid printing

Mesh banner is a cellular material that provides a perforated banner fabric with a matte lacquer coating on both sides. The advantages of printing on the grid are obvious: it is twice lighter than the banner, which makes installation easier, and also the Mesh grid is light-permeable, which allows it to be placed on the windows of buildings.

from 100 lei/м

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