5 ways to increase the efficiency of billboard advertising

5 ways to increase the efficiency of billboard advertising

Today, billboard advertising has become an integral part of the architecture of any city. Everything is advertised: goods, services, brands, shops, social programs, etc. We will try to figure out whether such a popular element of advertising is really capable of fulfilling its immediate purpose – to attract an additional stream of customers.

Actually, what is a billboard?

Let us turn to the economic dictionary. A billboard is a freestanding structure, the main purpose of which is to place an advertisement of an advertising nature. One of the most common billboard formats is 3 * 6 meters.

Typically, billboard advertisements are placed along public roads and highways. The main task is to attract the attention of drivers and passengers of a passing car. In general, with an average city car speed of 40-60 km / h, the driver or passenger has 10-15 seconds to see and understand the advertisement posted on the billboard.

Next, we will consider 5 ways to increase the efficiency of advertising on billboards.

1) Slogan.

Billboards have become commonplace in the overall picture of the urban environment, which is why a screaming slogan can distinguish your advertisement from the mass of similar billboards with text. A short but catchy slogan will make your banner more visible.

2) Location.

A well-thought-out plan for outdoor advertising will save a significant part of the budget and increase the effectiveness of the advertising itself. Materials must be placed in places where they will be noticed by a large number of people who are members of the brand’s target audience. For example, a trunk shield can be an effective advertising move if it is located in a place where the speed is reduced and the motorist manages to read the information passing by. Advertising on brandmauers can also be an excellent example of advertising, which is difficult to miss not only because of the dimensions, but also because of the often noticeable location.

3) Creative approach.

Get creative in your appearance and don’t be afraid to experiment. You can order a creative banner design from us, the development of an unusual form of billboard, use volume light letters. Effective outdoor advertising can not be boring, because only then it has a chance to get on the Internet, or maybe even in the local press. Free advertising is never superfluous.

4) Add utility.

Modern advertising opportunities are almost endless. Make useful devices (like a clock or a thermometer) part of your billboard. People will pay attention not only to useful information from devices, but also to your advertising.

5) Consider consumer psychology when developing banner designs and advertising in general.

Good advertising should be a call to action, so it is worth considering the psychological characteristics of the perception of information by a potential consumer. Carefully choose the color of the banner, the font of the text and other details so that they do not irritate the eyes of people, but are striking.

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